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Orders Received by 2PM CT Ship Same-Day
Orders Received by 2PM CT Ship Same-Day

Sani-Key Keychain: Contactless Door Opener

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Hands-Free Button Pusher

Specially designed to limit germ exposure and transmission, Sani-Key works as a handy keychain you can bring anywhere, anytime to press buttons, open doors, and pull levers. No more direct contact with contaminated surfaces! With 62% Brass content, Sani-Key is inherently antimicrobial, killing or slowing down the spread of microorganisms including bacteria, protozoans, and fungi. It comes with a carabiner to easily attach to your key chain. All Sani-keys come individually sealed & packaged.

How to Use Our Contactless Opener

The caribener attachment on our germ-free opener lets you bring the handy tool anywhere you go. Attach it to your keys, purse, or even a belt loop so you can remain contact free as often as possible. The possibilities for how to use a contactless opener are endless! Use it to push buttons on elevators or at gas stations. Use it on touch screens at checkout counters or at ATMs to avoid having to type in information with your fingertips. The nontouch tool is both compact and lightweight and can also be used with almost anything that has a handle. Simply wrap your finger around the circular grip, latch the other end around a handle, and pull! Avoid ever having to touch a bathroom door again with our portable hands-free tool. It could even be used to pull drawers open.

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